MIG Map MadeinGermany Celle Region v 0.80 Beta byBullgore

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MIG Map MadeinGermany Celle Region v 0.80 Beta byBullgore

Changelog v0.80 05.06.2013

- I finally made it to the swaths of 4 professional card set as narrow as it should be ... This is now also at the track outliers only half as large textures (see photos)
- Pig is also built in, is 3 pieces. The individual is also where the real with a machine shop is, almost in the corner at the gas station field 68 The other two are located in the village 3 box 37 where a large poultry house actually is, but as there is still no Geflügelmod, there are up to then stop pigs
- Court expanded somewhat in the village 3
- Road signs, posts and information signs inserted
- Signs and post adjusted, replaced, expanded, colli sions removed
- Set visibility of some buildings were still partially in 100000 meters
- Terrain texture doubled adjusted Schwadreiten
- Corn stubble Distance texture in Green changed was before Brown
- Terrain adjusted
- BGA station
- Butcher
- Fox Fass washable
- Fixed BGA manure pits Plan, came e.g. from the ground until 20000l
Reduced growth time of 8 ingame days to 5 -
- Changed and exchanged fruit textures
- 2 more fields start with turnips and potatoes for pig

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