Romania Map v 1.0

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Romania Map v 1.0

Map of Romania is the farm (Romanian Ferma) AGRO-BASE this farm lies at the foot of the Carpathian mountains in early lowlands, with ideal climatic conditions good fertile Ackerboeden.

With the management of Ferma AGRO-BASE, adding the newly established court
with the surrounding area, the tractors, equipment and machinery. (NO BIOGAS)!

You have uro a starting capital of € 12,000, the grain elevators are still remnants
the last harvest available that you can sell the grain merchants at the court.

The fields you can edit or sow directly with the proper seeding.

Depending on management, organic or conventional.

The farm offers great opportunities with sheltering halls and the courtyard itself is generously dimensioned, are further

Seeds, fertilizers and pesticides are also stationed at each of the main courtyard under roof.

As mentioned on this map is read from only one field, the field size is typical for this Rumänsche territory, but there is the possibility that each field itself divided according to his needs if it is too large.

It can start right with the present machinery and tractors in the fields.

I wish you much fun and success with my LS13Map! © by mapmodder


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