Gamsting V 3.2

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Gamsting V 3.2

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Version 3.2
Performanceverbesserungen; Hof mit Ballenlager ausgestattet und umgebaut; Dateigröße um 35 MB verkleinert; Mehr Bodenwinkel entfernt; KuhNavMesh angepasst; Kartoffelwaschanlage upgedatet; Terrainanpassungen; Verschmutzungen und Straßennetz bearbeitet

Welcome to Gamsting for the LS 15!
In the middle of the mountainous region of the Bavarian Alpine foothills is almost completely cut off from its environment the idyllic Gamstinger valley surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and inhabited by witty citizens Gamstings.

Of the once numerous hermit courtyards blooming with agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry in this secluded area nowadays testify only its sumptuous and rich fields, pastures and cleared forest areas. The only remaining farm northwest of Gamsting now responsible for the management of the whole valley. Here it is necessary to provide and manage the village’s own biogas plant, a biomass cogeneration plant and its own livestock.

The local subsidiary of BayWa is the only partner for the farmers in the region. Nevertheless, the agricultural machinery trade and the Warehouse offer a wide choice and a rich assortment. When selecting your equipment and agricultural machinery the mountainous conditions should be considered. With large, bulky equipment, even the most experienced farmer reach its limits.

Gamsting was created with great attention to detail. Many hours of work have been invested in order to arrive at that conclusion. The map was prepared and modified 4 months for the LS 15. It is in this map for the first time in the LS 15 possible to load his felled tree trunks on the boxcar and send off the train. The logs are then sold in the tunnel at the nursery. The map features a true rail tunnel.

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