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Presenting your attention the wonderful card under the name – the village Maksimovka v 1.3 Full size for Farming Simulator 2015.
Very beautiful and realistic karta.Bolshoy kolhoz.Bolshoe number of fields on any vkus.Realistichnaya ekonomika.Trudnoprohodimye dorogi.Optimizirovana for slow computers.
– Culture: Standard + Sunflower.
– Animals: Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, calves and geese.
– Dop.missii: sand, gravel, concrete, cement, timber, boards, flour and bread, greenhouses.
– Buy fields.
Changes in v1.6:
1.Vstrechayte new culture – CARROT.
2. Added the three vegetable stock (Map carrot sign), which take on the storage of potatoes, beets and carrots. There and unloading in the transport.
3.Koordinalno changed the place of unloading of grain and sunflower. Now, a ramp with a slope as in real life.
4.Ispravil reading the information on the cheese factory. Now volume and filling percentage is displayed correctly.
5.Dobavlena new point of sale of wheat and sunflower – The territory of the fish farm.
6.Vozle some fields, sheds for equipment installed.
7.Dobavlena possibility to transport the fish for sale. In the future, I will do a full production with fattening fish !!!
8. Now sand mining is carried out by hand. Not some freebies !!! Modovskuyu fetches any technique that loads sand (excavators, conveyor belts, etc.) And upload yourself! On the career you will see two piles of sand, and there are extracted. Just check in at the complicated careers + mud.
9.Na construction of cottages added some realistic construction projects.
10.Izmenil building Dealer + sign + ramp for different needs.
11.Teper point of sale of seeds and fertilizers, and one is located on the territory of the BHA (near the garage – loading seeds, under the tower – filling fertilizers).
12.Dobavil storage of seeds and fertilizers.
13.Po all over the map added a lot of grass, flowers, trees and other realistic design.
14.Novye auxiliary icons on the map.
15.Vernul information on the prices of many goods.
16.Novy PDA (map).
17.Teper all fields are realistic, complex shape constraints + + landing + ponds + other facilities that make it difficult to work in the fields. In real life, on the territory of Russia, as well as look of the field, if someone does not know!
18.Izmenil water in ponds and marshes at a very realistic.
19.Teper all types of flour can be sold in grocery stores.
20.Tak same grocery stores are taking fish.
21.Tsena uvelichina on the sand.
22.Fon for area maps, not much priopustil height.
23. In the apparatus for the production of hybrid seed, uvelichina capacity of finished products.
24.Po all over the map added dirt. In the future, I will make two versions of the card, light and hard.
25.Uvelichil yield of carrots.
26.Uvelichil seeds consumption during sowing carrots.
27.Uvelichil yield of sunflower.
28.Uvelichil consumption of seeds when sowing sunflower.
29.Obёm solid manure in geese increased !!! Now do not be too quick refill.
30.U pigs and calves, manure removed from the street. Now, solid manure accumulates inside the building. For proper handling, use equipment with a bucket and paddle on the floor inside the building.
31.Obёm solid manure from pigs and calves increased !!!
32.U cows uvelichina hopper volume of liquid and solid manure !!!
33.Uvelichil width ramp, near the silos, which is carried out unloading of grass and straw to the warehouse.
34.V greenhouse complex, now the default instead of fertilizers, greenhouses dressing made with liquid manure !!! Hurray hurray, is now flattening liquid manure in the right direction + so cheaper than buying fertilizer, which is not deshego.
35.V greenhouse complex, uvelichina capacity of water and liquid manure and 150 tons!
36.Dobavlen storage chips. It is located in the same place and storage of seeds and fertilizers.
37.Ispravleny white texture of sand, sunflower and carrots !!! Now everything is displayed correctly.
38.Umenshil number of techniques when starting a new game, so there was no freebies.
Changes in ver 1.5.2:
1.Ispravlen flying house.
2.Ispravleny field boundaries.
3.Vozle each column, and well, you can fill with water trailers.
4. On the map icons added-tips. I hope now to be less problems.
5.Dobavleny pedestrians in two larger villages (Babino and Maksimovka).
6.Dobavlen Auto traffic. It only works in single player mode.
7.Ubrany wooden bridges near №1 Motor depots and career.
8.Ispravlena pile of chips at the sawmill.
And other changes, for a comfortable game.
Changes in v1.5:
1.Izmenena and corrected bakery and melnitsy.Pomenyal location melnits.Dobavil bunker near the mills for grain reception.
2.Add a plant for the production of cheese and pasteurized milk. Now deal with milk has become very profitable! There you can sell plain milk, if you do not want out of it to produce and sell three times more expensive.
3. Added the electric gates to carpool. Slightly changed the look and adding new objects.
4.Dobavil 2 more greenhouses for growing lettuce, for more interest and benefit to engage in the given direction in CX farm.
5.Izmenil everything plaques with the name of the villages. Now they are set according to GOST =

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