Südthüringen V 0.99 Beta

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Südthüringen V 0.99 Beta

Welcome to the SüdThüringenMap of fendtxylon524. After more than 2 years (Construction of 03.11.2013 was) construction I would like to provide this for you 4x Map. The Map is a beta version, which will test you through their paces with should.

Why tested through you with?

The Map has now reached a status, which appears a publication worthy. However, errors can not be ruled out. Despite so many tests, there will be errors that are reported by your Please Planet. (there is an extra contributing to the Map). I ask the error as much as possible to describe and not to be abusive. We are only human and want you just participate in the Map. Maybe we can get back an error-free V2, which is created by the community with.

Thread V2:

As I said, if everything remains peaceful, our work is respected and adequately describe the error so that they are resolved, then it will certainly give a V2. When V2 then traffic on the Map should be present SoilMod is installed and nor anything else what hitherto appeared new.

These scripts What you need:
-Chopped Straw Mod Webalizer
-Gülle-, Manure, Kalkmod of Marhu
-multi Fruit Module Extended
animation trigger map
-Multifruid Mod

What you’ll find on the map:

9 villages with fictitious names, nestled in an idyllic landscape. Located 3 outlets for all on the Map fruits. There are the Schweinmast- and cattle fattening system additionally to the Giants of known and contained in the original game species.

What can be found where:

Locality Erlau

Opening doors with “Map Door” Trigger – – Large main courtyard (administration & Plant Production) – Large workshop fertilizer and seed storage – Laundry
Opening doors with “Map Door” Trigger – – dairy plant with BGA – 3 stables warehouses – 3 silos for grass and maize

Village Fuchstal

– Farm equipment dealers (LTZ) – Ripe iron (grain sales) – Train Station (grain sales)
-Gas station

Village Sülzfeld

– Cattle fattening

Village Lalenstadt

– Deuka sales outlet
Leave central warehouse –

Village Wölferbütt

– Outdoor location of 2 silos

Village Oechsen


Village Turmgut

– Motocross track

Village Gehaus

– Edeka eggs for delivery

Village Sorghof

– Fleischer

Builders of the Map:
-fendtxylon524, Lars A, themodtesterjunior, farmers Pitti, Olli0710, bulldog13,
Modder Derren objects, textures, etc. were verwendetet … many thanks again to all of you!
-Niggels939, Eckert35, El_Cid, Buschi, Vanilla, Katsuo, xXMalleXx, Fatian, Steffen30Muc, AndiScania, Tommi-1, bullgore, Giants, Nick98.1 ^, Patii, Raptor5, Polska, lsfamer2011

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