Lamborgini Mach VRT Tuning V 1.1

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Lamborgini Mach VRT Tuning V 1.1
With the idea came to help the Mach VRT something to the jumps.

So I went with him to the performance test stand, 3 weeks ago, and wrote a new software for the Mach 250VRT. This was done after a few tests, but I did not want to be satisfied with it. Stage1 291HP 63km / h

2 weeks ago, I took a look again and built a larger supercharger, sharper camshafts, larger charge air cooler, 2.5 “exhaust system and then tuned it again on the test stand again. Stage2 356PS 66km / h

My performance starter was still not breastfeed and so I was faced with the choice of the Mach 250 VRT still further with a free engine control, again a bigger charger, 3 “exhaust system, etc. to blow up or the way to another new engine + transmission Now that I have just received an accidental T9.565 purely the choice then fell on this.

1 week ago the conversion started and I can tell you that was not without. Many parts had to be rebuilt even as nothing was off the shelf. The Mords T9.565 under the possession of the Mach was a real challenge, but I managed it and was proud as the engine the first time ran. Engine swap T9.565 575HP 85km / h

To be able to differentiate the different variants in the game, I have also added the changeable rim color.

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