Steyr 8090a SK2 Turbo Lärmarm V 1.0

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Steyr 8090a SK2 Turbo Lärmarm V 1.0

Quote from the author:

Hello, here we (unknown000, Steyr modder, Domi and John) from STEYR modding team, you the Steyr 8090a SK2 Trubo Lärmarm from the project ’90s to today “available. There is also a matching Equipment Pack type (still in progress).

Steyr 8090a SK2 Turbo Low noise:
Bj 1992 Engine: WD 411.90;. ~ 3.5l 4cylinder turbocharged, 80 hp, gearbox 16 forward gears 8 rücjwärts Speed: 40 kmh real net weight of 3660 kg real power.

very Detailed Steyr SK2 cabin almost 100% Original
new AO texture
new sound
new Tyres
and much more
Washable (only Wheels)
IC control
Swing axle
Animated: wiper (in the rain), tachometer, fuel and temperature indicator (also illuminated)
Door opening / closing (from the outside) button R
FL console on / degradable (from the outside) button R
Front fender on / degradable (from the outside) button R
FH on / degradable (from the outside) button R
(prepared for kaufbares Frontgewicht, hitch)
FH-hinged lower link (via IC)
atacherjoint front (for example: Frontgewicht, hitch)
Work light, front / rear switched on / off button Num7 / Num9
New Steyr 4cylinder Sound
Indoor Sound
A huge thanks goes to Max (MB 3D modeling) lets us be converted Steyr 8080A SK1 model repeatedly and granted release release (= original DL link). (Became LS13 times so we introduced / identified)
Thanks to all the users regelmäißig in Facebook (Monster Gaming team) in our polls, participate, and we unterstüzen with data, images, etc.

Credits: MB 3D Modelling, unknown000 (STEYR Modding), steyrmodder (STEYR Modding), Domi (STEYR Modding), Buzzard Agrotech, RivalBomb

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